About Angie Holtski

A graduate of Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Angie 
Holtski currently functions as an Occupational Therapist and 
Certified Hand Therapist with the Dean Clinic. Ms. Holtski accepted 
her position at the clinic, part of Dean Health Systems, Inc., in 
2001. With locations throughout the state, Dean Health Systems 
supports a variety of medical services, including emergency medicine, 
heart care, neurology, women’s and children’s services, surgery, and 
sports medicine. Angie Holtski treats patients through the Dean 
Clinic’s location on Fish Hatchery Road in Madison and has earned the 
Purple Star Achievement Award for Teamwork from the clinic. 

With an interest in upper extremity rehabilitation and in particular, 
hands, Angie Holtski teaches her patients how to complete the tasks 
they need to do throughout the day. In addition to helping people who 
have sustained injuries or undergone surgery regain skills, Ms. 
Holtski helps children with disabilities learn to function in social 
and school situations. Ms. Holtski also assists people adjust to 
physical changes as they age, and works with patients facing other 
mental, physical, and neurological difficulties. 

As a Certified Hand Therapist through the Hand Therapy Certification 
Commission, Angie Holtski achieved the highest level of competency in 
her profession and stays updated with her practice. She has presented 
to the Wisconsin Hand Therapy Association and organized a modalities 
class for students at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. Before 
finding employment with Dean Clinic, Ms. Holtski served for a year as 
an Occupational Therapist with The Finley Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa.

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